Rock’n’Roll, another 5v4 Victory to the mixed team against the youngsters of Emerson Eagles. Get in there!

Another 3 game win to Tom and Penny who are on fire this year, well done!

21v14 21v20
21v15 21v15
18v21 21v12 21v14

Kev and I started with a very tough game against the 1st pair, only just losing. I think the lad was spiderman, he was everywhere with some lovely shots returned from behind his back (show off!!)
We then took control and won the next two games.

20v21 21v19 17v21
21v15 21v14
21v15 21v6

Unfortunately it wasn’t Andy and Jo’s night.  But thank you both so much for standing in for the team, especially as Jo has been recovering from proper flu too.

19v21 12v21
14v21 11v21
14v21 18v21

Well done team x

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